a studio
Is a design company established by the Japanese designer Shin Azumi. Its activities covers product, furniture and spacial design, working with a variety of clients on consumer products, furniture, lighting, electronics and audio equipment as well as spacial design for shops, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.

Observation + Distillation
Observations are key to development.
We begin by objectively looking at all the phenomena surrounding a brief and try to clarify the key points to develop the project. After distilling the idea, the end result is often purified into a simple solution.

Fun + Function
Functionality increases the longevity of a designs life. We look at physical functionality as well as the effect of psychological functionality. We aim to satisfy both within our process.

Interactivity + Theatricality

A design is complete when it is used by people.
Providing a satisfactory, interactive quality ensures a successful design. We always try to create maximum effect from minimal solutions.

Shin Azumi
Shin Azumi was born in Kobe, Japan in 1965.
After finishing his MA in industrial design at the Royal College of Art, UK, in 1994, he started working as a design
unit ‘AZUMI’. in 2005, he established his own office ‘a studio’ in London.
The clients list of ‘a studio’ includes Desalto, Lapalma, Magis, Fdredericia, Guzzini, Tefal and many other
international brands. Shin Azumi’s works have received numerous design awards and were acquired by many
museums in Europe and in Japan.
In 2016, he moved to Tokyo, Japan, and currently he is a professor of Hosei University, Faculty of Engineering
and Design. He is also the visiting professor of Osaka University of Arts, Kobe Design University.

Born in 1965, Kobe, Japan






Established his own studio 'a studio'

Worked as a design unit 'AZUMI '

MA in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, UK

NEC Design Centre Co. Ltd.
Personal Computer Dept., Japan

BA in Product Design
at Kyoto City University of Art, Japan